Hammerhead HAS NOT been purchased by another company. We are privately owned and continue to build the original Hammer-Head manual pool vacuum.

We introduce our finest bag yet. The Volcano.

Hammer-Head is now in production of the new HH1510 Volcano Bag. The finest bag available yet, it has a unique, Patent Pending, no-leak design. This newest bag has been tested to pick up 95% of fire ash and DE powder. As for the HH1510 at your local supplier.


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We build quality pool cleaners that save you money and time, pool after pool, day after day.

Why waste your money on something that is just a performance and quality compromise? You're a pro, aren't you? Use professional equipment. HAMMER-HEAD is the only choice for professionals nationwide! Our self-contained, 12-volt portable vacuum system is perfectly suited for the pool service technician or aquatic facility manager. hammerhead cart setupAnd it was designed by a pool industry professional with over 30 years of experience in the field.

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The Service-21 unit (shown here) mounts securely to any trailer or 2" trailer hitch receiver for safe transport. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, the HAMMER-HEAD cart can transport everything you need in one trip. Just set up next to the pool, attach a standard pool pole and start cleaning at once. In the water, the patented head design and its 30-pound thrust motor pump an amazing 16,000 GPH, vacuuming up almost anything including sticks, leaves, sand, and even coins.

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Because the HAMMER-HEAD sets up faster than conventional vacuum systems it saves you a lot of time. If your daily workload is large, HAMMER-HEAD's time savings (up to 50% per pool) helps increase overall profitability by shortening your day. You'll accomplish more with less effort, and your HAMMER-HEAD will pay for itself in time savings alone.

Work smarter and faster, but not harder!
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*Due to frequent improvements, actual products may differ slightly from those pictured on these pages. Individual results from the use of these products may vary, but not by much.


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